March Recap, April Update, Future Goals

Whew! What a month it has been!
Poignantly following my last post, I missed last week’s post completely. In that time, some stuff has happened, so let me recap my month of March and look toward the near and distant future!

In March, I started the Micro Fiction Challenge. The challenge was to write 100-word stories for every day of March based on a picture prompt.

I got about two weeks into the month before the habit deteriorated and by the third week, I had given up on it completely with everything else going on. At first it bothered me. I am perfectly capable of writing 100 words of story each day, so why did I have so much trouble with this?

One of the reasons is my own tendency to push things to the last minute. Daily habits are hard for me to establish and hard for me to continue. I was hoping this challenge would help me push against that inclination to procrastination, but I was wrong.

In spite of that, I really liked the basis of a story I was building 100 words at a time and will likely have another Micro Fiction Challenge in the future.


Since then, April has started, and with it, Camp NaNoWriMo. My cabin is full of really interesting and encouraging people who have been super fun to start getting to know through their stories and writerly ideas.
I’m currently behind in my Camp NaNo project, but I set a goal based on time rather than words, so I will able to catch up later in the month when school is all wrapped up. Not only that, but instead of basing my success on the amount of words I have written, I have been able to slow down the writing a bit in order to flesh out my story and worldbuilding which has been incredibly fun! I’m slowly getting into the rhythm of writing and I’m really excited to see the story take off!

Something super exciting and bittersweet all at the same time is the fact that a short story I entered into the CBC Short Story Contest made the longlist from over 2,200 writers throughout Canada! (Give me a moment while I dance around the room for a second)

You can find the longlist here. And the little author bio they did for me here.
Unfortunately, the shortlist was announced today and I was not on it. But that’s okay! I have entered contests in the past and always left them discouraged, but this past week has been so incredible for even just having my name up on the website! I feel sad that I didn’t make it to the shortlist, but also encouraged and proud that something I wrote was seen as insightful enough to be listed among the same writers who made it onto the shortlist.
It is a bizarre feeling that has manifested itself in quiet contemplation for me. I want to smile, I want to cry, I want to write, I want to share the story that gave me this opportunity, but I mostly just want to exist in this moment of bittersweetness.

Moving on to my near future goals.

  • I want to successfully complete Camp NaNoWriMo

I have been loving the story, the worldbuilding, and spending time doing something so much more relaxing than writing papers!

  • I want to look at the story that got me onto a longlist and think about where it fits in terms of publishing, editing, rewriting, reworking.

I have decided to refrain from releasing the story at this time until I can contemplate what future it may have.

  • I want to keep blogging!

I love this outlet for sharing my thoughts and feelings on writing and being a writer and want to continue to do that on a weekly basis!

Further into the future, or goals that are a little more long-term.

  • I want to do something with my children’s stories.
  • I want to edit one of my projects.
  • I want to finish the first draft of the last book I didn’t finish.
  • I want to write a play.

So there is a brief recap of March, the first week of April, the situation with the CBC Short Story Contest as well as a couple of my near and far future goals.

What kinds of writing goals are you working toward?

3 thoughts on “March Recap, April Update, Future Goals

  1. So proud of you, Chiante!

    My goal is to get a sample chapter written by the end of May for a book I’ve proposed.


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