The Cons of Verbal Storytelling

Last week I talked about what I found helpful about verbal storytelling. You can read all about that here. Today, I’m going to be outlining a few of the reasons why, despite the pros, I won’t be implementing verbal storytelling into my regular writing routine. The biggest con I’ve run across in verbal storytelling is … Continue reading The Cons of Verbal Storytelling

The Pros of Verbal Storytelling

verbal storytelling

I often say that because I’m a writer I have a hard time with conversations because I don’t have a chance to go back and edit what I say in order to use the words I really mean. I find this frustrating when I’m trying to tell a story to someone and can’t think of … Continue reading The Pros of Verbal Storytelling

Getting Stuck

Right now, I’m stuck. Last week I didn’t write a blog post partly because I’ve been working extra long hours this week, but partly because I didn’t know what to write about. There are so many excuses I could use that have varying degrees of truth to them. “I’ve been busy these last couple weeks” … Continue reading Getting Stuck