Last Minute Camp NaNo Prep Checklist

The countdown is on to finish any Camp NaNoWriMo prep. Here’s my last minute checklist for Camp NaNoWriMo prep! Create a one sentence summary This will give your project focus and allow you to take your complex story and get it down in one thought. July is basically just expanding that sentence by 50,000 words. … Continue reading Last Minute Camp NaNo Prep Checklist

The Importance of Being Challenged

It’s been nearly six years since I felt as inexperienced as a writer as I do right now. Over the past weekend I attended an all day writing workshop with local author Andre Harden. He was wonderful at delivering the wisdom and methods he has picked up since he first started writing. In the first … Continue reading The Importance of Being Challenged

Finding Your Muse Through Music

finding your muse through music

It’s no secret that I get stuck in my writing sometimes. In fact I wrote about how I was stuck just a few weeks ago. Since getting out of that slump, I’ve returned to some of my older writing and in my reflections uncovered a few techniques I had long abandoned. One of these has … Continue reading Finding Your Muse Through Music

How I’ve Grown as a Writer Since My First Novel

Roughly six years ago, I took the first big step into becoming the writer I am today. I started writing my first novel. Today, I’m reflecting on my process as a new writer and how its been shaped since that first novel. I loved the first book I ever wrote. In fact, it is my … Continue reading How I’ve Grown as a Writer Since My First Novel