Last Minute Camp NaNo Prep Checklist

The countdown is on to finish any Camp NaNoWriMo prep.

Here’s my last minute checklist for Camp NaNoWriMo prep!

Create a one sentence summary

This will give your project focus and allow you to take your complex story and get it down in one thought. July is basically just expanding that sentence by 50,000 words. Throughout the month of July, go back to this sentence and see how well your story is staying true to the sentence you created. Sometimes the sentence changes as the novel evolves and changes, but having a sentence will help give you an idea of where you need to go to get your story done.

Create an aesthetic
Depending on your style this could be a number of things. I like the combination of a pinterest board and spotify playlist. Find something that speaks to the style of your story to help you get excited and focussed in on the story you are about to write.

Choose a font
I try to write each of my novels in a different font. Not only is it refreshing to see something other than Times New Roman for a change, but I find choosing a special font for each story sets it apart. For this novel I will be using a font I found called Old Style. It’s a very classic looking serif font that reminds me of old books. Not to mention it fits my aesthetic very well.

Finish the outline
Whether this outline is visual, short, long, detailed or vague, finish it. I find everytime I only outline halfway I run into problems…at the halfway mark. Avoid this problem and that mid month wall, slump, and desperation by finishing the outline so you have a clear and direct understanding of your story and where it is going to go.

Test write some scenes
I’m going to take my characters on paper and put them in some situations similar to the conflict of my novel in order to get my head into their minds and the setting of the story. I find this helps prepare me to write in the particular voice and style of a new project.

Gather the supplies
Whether this is the coffee or tea you love, the snacks you like to munch on, that special pen to write notes with or that comfy spot: whatever it is. Get prepared for the long writing hours with the supplies you need.

Set up rewards
Writing a novel in a month is a milestone event, but so is writing 10,000 words, 25,000 words, or writing every day for a month. Give yourself an incentive to stick to your novel when the going gets tough. It might be a special snack, a night out, or that new mug you’ve been eyeing. Whatever it is, find some tangible incentives for reaching milestones throughout the month.

Get excited!
Whether this is starting to get to know your cabin mates on Camp NaNoWriMo or general excitement of your project, find a way to bring up your excitement levels. NaNoWriMo is so much more fun when you can barely wait for the first day of the month to start so you can start. Remind yourself why you want to write a novel and go into July brimming with purpose and determination.

I’ll be cheering for you!

How is your novel prep going? Is there anything else you like to do for last minute prep?

2 thoughts on “Last Minute Camp NaNo Prep Checklist

  1. I love the idea of writing each novel in a different font — it’s something I’ve never heard of before, but that I think could be a fun way to spice up those intimidating blank pages on Word documents! Good luck with your Camp NaNo project, I hope it’s going well 🙂 I look forward to following your progress!

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