Updates, Recaps, and Goals for the Rest of 2018

We are nearing the end of July and I think it is about time to revisit some of the goals and plans I made earlier this year.

In my very first blog post, I set some writerly goals for 2018. Now, at just past the middle of the year, this is where I am in terms of reaching those goals.

1. Consistently update my blog.

More or less, I feel proud of how well I’ve done keeping up with this blog. We are in the 30th week of the year (if my math is correct—it rarely is, I might add), and counting this post, I have done 27 blog posts. So I’m happy with how this blog is shaping up as the year progresses.

2.Write a variety of short pieces.

I have been working on this! As you may remember, I started the Micro Fiction Challenge in March where I challenged myself (and you) to write a 100 word story every day for a month. I didn’t get 30 stories done, but I did get some experience crafting stories in only 100 words. Besides that, I have left this goal slide from my radar, but I will be revisiting it soon.

3.Start working on a long term novel project.

I am doing this! I started the pre-planning process for my pirate novel early in the year and spent the month of April worldbuilding. In May I started the novel and though I haven’t worked on it in a while, I plan to return to it in the next couple weeks.

In my March recap post, I went through my short-term and long-term goals for the rest of the year. Here’s the progress on those:

1.Complete Camp NaNoWriMo, April 2018
I was able to do this and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the project, and I am excited to continue working on the project.

2.Look at the future of “The Man in the Bookshop”

After making it onto the longlist for the 2018 CBC Short Story prize, I knew I had to do something with the story. I’ve made some progress in that regard and I’m working with an artist to build an anthology of stories with the same light-hearted whimsy as “The Man in the Bookshop”. Everything is very preliminary at the moment, but as time passes, I will share more about this exciting project!

My long term goals included:
1.Doing something with my children’s stories
2.Editing one of my projects
3.Finishing the first draft of the last book I didn’t finish
4.Write a play.
5.*Read 15 books.

During July’s Camp NaNoWriMo, you may remember that I was scrambling when I changed my project. I changed my project to be focused on my children’s stories. The month has been going splendidly—for the most part. I’m currently about 18,000 words behind, and with 1 week to finish, it is going to be tight, but I’ve been enjoying the story and the way the rewrites and edits have been going.
I haven’t made any progress on the other goals, and looking at my half year to come, it seems they are not likely to be accomplished.

*Except for my book goal, which I have started! I have one book finished, and a second one nearly done! Yay for reading!

With that, here are my revised goals for the rest of 2018:

I want to write a variety of short pieces.
I want to finish the rewrites and editing of my children’s story and query it to agents and publishing houses.
I want to return to the project I put on the side during this NaNo and write it during November’s NaNo.
I want to continue working on my long-term pirate novel project and have something resembling a first draft done by the end of the year.
I want to read 15 books.
I want to continue blogging as consistently as I am able.

Did you make any writerly goals for this year? How are you doing with completing them? Are there any goals you have dropped or swapped out for others?

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