Coming Changes and Updates

It’s been a while since I last posted.

I recently have done some evaluating of the time I spend and my tendency to say “yes” to more things than I can possibly handle. In light of my reflections, I have decided to make some changes in my life, including changes to my blog.

Starting today, I will only be posting about once a month. This will allow me to spend more time crafting a single post rather than trying to post something every week. This new schedule will especially help me when I’m in the middle of an intense academic week and scrambling to get a post out.

Hopefully, having more time to think over the posts will give me time and space to write my posts, leaving room for me to enjoy the process a little bit more. I will be posting similar content as I have been. I’ve got lots of ideas on the types of posts I would like to write in the coming year, and some ideas for new types of posts that I will share as I work on them.

This is a bit of an irregular post, so I will combine a few updates on my reading and writing.

Since my last post about how I’m doing on my TBR list, I have made some decent progress.

As of today, on my TBR list, I have completed:
Daughter of the Pirate King
The Vagrant
Along Came a Spider
The Traitor’s Game
A Sinking Star

This means I have read 4 new books since my last update.

I thoroughly enjoyed each of the books. I was properly thrilled by the thriller, Along Came a Spider.
I experienced nostalgia all throughout reading my childhood favourite, Airman.
I received all sorts of fantasy inspiration from The Traitor’s Game.
And I wept over the heartfelt story of a family of foster sisters in A Sinking Star.

All around, I had a wonderful time getting lost in these stories.

In my writing life these days…

I am inching my way through edits of my Middle Grade book with the goal of polishing it for eventual querying. I find as soon as either NaNo or Camp NaNo is over, the progress I make on edits slowly putters out until I make it to the next NaNo event and abandon my editing for a new story, with a nice fresh first draft.

Thus, as a motivation to reach querying point on this book, I have decided that I am not allowed to write another first draft until I am ready to query this book.

Already my mind, in conjunction with all the reading I have been doing, is drawing up plans for new stories with existing and uncreated worlds. But I am determined to write a final “The End” on this project and move towards getting it out in the world.

Call for Submissions:

As always, I am on the lookout for Canadian Christian writers aged 12-24 who are interested in submitting a piece of their writing (up to 600 words) for consideration for publication inFellowScript.

You can send me pieces any time, but the quarterly deadlines are October 15th, January 15th, and April 15th.

Send your pieces to
I look forward to reading your work!

I apologize that this has been a patchwork of a post as I transition into a new schedule. Be on the lookout for the first post under the new schedule coming early in September!

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