Forgotten Souls, Neglected Skins

Today I am sharing a piece I wrote for my Creative Non-Fiction Writing class.  Enjoy! Few are aware that I am an active member of a relatively unknown Resistance. Depending on the tasks needed, I’m a doctor, a repairwoman, an artist, a conservationist. But generally speaking, I’m a protector of a dying art. I’m a … Continue reading Forgotten Souls, Neglected Skins


From My Archives: A Childhood Story

Today, I'm moving away from the kinds of things I normally write to share a story I wrote while in my Grade 12 Creative Writing Class. The story itself is true. It is technically a piece of non-fiction writing, though I would clarify that some details were altered because my memory isn't up to par … Continue reading From My Archives: A Childhood Story

Updates, Recaps, and Goals for the Rest of 2018

We are nearing the end of July and I think it is about time to revisit some of the goals and plans I made earlier this year. In my very first blog post, I set some writerly goals for 2018. Now, at just past the middle of the year, this is where I am in … Continue reading Updates, Recaps, and Goals for the Rest of 2018