The Editing Process: The First Read

It’s CampNaNoWriMo! And during this camp session I am working on editing one of my Middle Grade novels, so today, and in the coming weeks I will be talking about the steps I will be using to go through the editing process for this novel. To start the editing process, as so many will tell … Continue reading The Editing Process: The First Read


Using [Placeholders] to Speed Up Your Writing

When I first started writing, I would write until I hit something like a place name, or a character name that I didn’t quite have figured out, and I would stop the drafting process to brainstorm a name, or a town and often this led down a rabbit trail of creating a currency system for … Continue reading Using [Placeholders] to Speed Up Your Writing

Three Types of Worldbuilders

One of my favourite parts of writing is worldbuilding. But, as I’ve discovered through creating my various worlds and working with other storytellers, not all writers create worlds the same way, and knowing a bit about the kind of worldbuilder you are can help make the insane project of worldbuilding (literally building a world from … Continue reading Three Types of Worldbuilders

A Writer’s Tool Kit: Keeping a Dream Journal

It’s been a while since I’ve done an entry in my Writer’s Toolkit Series. You can read the other posts here and here. Today I’m going to be talking about something that I have been regularly doing as part of my writing process for years. I love dreams. I have always been a very lucid … Continue reading A Writer’s Tool Kit: Keeping a Dream Journal