Allowing Yourself to Rewrite

I’ve been taking a creative non-fiction class this semester. Besides being introduced to and immersed in a vast, deep, and beautiful genre of writing, I’ve learned a lot of transfereable skills for other types of writing. The particular lesson I want to talk about today is rewriting. In my fiction writing process, rewriting was an … Continue reading Allowing Yourself to Rewrite


Choosing the Right Project for NaNoWriMo

It's Preptober! (If you're new to the whole NaNoWriMo world, Preptober is using the month of October to prepare for NaNoWriMo come November.) In my experience, having done 15 different NaNo and Camp NaNo sessions, I’ve found that choosing the correct project is a huge determinant of whether or not I will have a successful … Continue reading Choosing the Right Project for NaNoWriMo

My Editing Process: Draft One to Draft Two

I’ve just started the process of editing my middle grade novel that I finished during Camp NaNoWriMo, so it seemed fitting that I talk about what my editing process looks like, specifically, what I do to take my first draft novel to a second draft. The very first thing I do after finishing a first … Continue reading My Editing Process: Draft One to Draft Two

What I’ve Been Neglecting as a Writer

It’s right there in the header of my website, yet I’ve let it slide from my routine. It’s not writing (though I haven’t touched my Camp NaNo project in over a week!), nor is it dreaming—I do that plenty. No. I have neglected reading. In recent years, the amount of leisure reading I do has … Continue reading What I’ve Been Neglecting as a Writer

The Importance of Being Challenged

It’s been nearly six years since I felt as inexperienced as a writer as I do right now. Over the past weekend I attended an all day writing workshop with local author Andre Harden. He was wonderful at delivering the wisdom and methods he has picked up since he first started writing. In the first … Continue reading The Importance of Being Challenged