My Editing Process: Draft One to Draft Two

I’ve just started the process of editing my middle grade novel that I finished during Camp NaNoWriMo, so it seemed fitting that I talk about what my editing process looks like, specifically, what I do to take my first draft novel to a second draft. The very first thing I do after finishing a first … Continue reading My Editing Process: Draft One to Draft Two

What I’ve Been Neglecting as a Writer

It’s right there in the header of my website, yet I’ve let it slide from my routine. It’s not writing (though I haven’t touched my Camp NaNo project in over a week!), nor is it dreaming—I do that plenty. No. I have neglected reading. In recent years, the amount of leisure reading I do has … Continue reading What I’ve Been Neglecting as a Writer

The Importance of Being Challenged

It’s been nearly six years since I felt as inexperienced as a writer as I do right now. Over the past weekend I attended an all day writing workshop with local author Andre Harden. He was wonderful at delivering the wisdom and methods he has picked up since he first started writing. In the first … Continue reading The Importance of Being Challenged

Finding Your Muse Through Music

finding your muse through music

It’s no secret that I get stuck in my writing sometimes. In fact I wrote about how I was stuck just a few weeks ago. Since getting out of that slump, I’ve returned to some of my older writing and in my reflections uncovered a few techniques I had long abandoned. One of these has … Continue reading Finding Your Muse Through Music

The Cons of Verbal Storytelling

Last week I talked about what I found helpful about verbal storytelling. You can read all about that here. Today, I’m going to be outlining a few of the reasons why, despite the pros, I won’t be implementing verbal storytelling into my regular writing routine. The biggest con I’ve run across in verbal storytelling is … Continue reading The Cons of Verbal Storytelling