The Pros of Verbal Storytelling

verbal storytelling

I often say that because I’m a writer I have a hard time with conversations because I don’t have a chance to go back and edit what I say in order to use the words I really mean. I find this frustrating when I’m trying to tell a story to someone and can’t think of … Continue reading The Pros of Verbal Storytelling

A Tour of my Storyboard for Camp NaNo 2018

March Prep month continues! If you haven’t read my checklist for March NaNo Prep, you can here. Today, we are going to be talking about storyboarding. This is a broad topic, and I find myself continually trying new ways to storyboard my novels, so it won't be, by any standard, an exhaustive look. In the … Continue reading A Tour of my Storyboard for Camp NaNo 2018