Micro Fiction Challenge Week 1

microfiction challenge

Of the three 100 word stories I wrote this week, I think the first one is my favourite. Enjoy:

march 1

“Have you ever seen something so breath-taking?” Sahja asked, gazing upward while her fingertips brushed through the water, disrupting the twinkling celestial reflections.

They were sitting together stranded on a rock until the tide went out and with it the dark canvas for the stars.

He nodded, but he wasn’t looking at the sky. He was looking at her. At her stormy blue hair cascading down onto rough, weathered shoulders. At her bright fiery, yet impossibly distant eyes. At her winking smile that was only visible in its true glory during the darkest times.

“Yes, I have.” He breathed.


Have you written any stories based on this week’s prompts that you want to share? I’d love to read them, put them in the comments down below!

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