Creating a Commonplace Book for my Writing

With school looming around the corner, I’ve been busy reading syllabi and collecting the materials I need for my classes. One of the things I encountered, which would be an understatement to say I’m excited about is, keeping a commonplace book for one of my history classes. If you are like me, you don’t know … Continue reading Creating a Commonplace Book for my Writing

The Influence of Reading on My Camp NaNo Project

I just finished my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, and in this novel in particular I was able to notice something that I’m sure happens in my other works, but I’ve never really paid attention to until now. You may recall my recent goal to read 15 books before the end of the year as a way … Continue reading The Influence of Reading on My Camp NaNo Project

Being Flexible During Camp NaNo

Two days before Camp NaNoWriMo started, I abandoned my project and switched to another. I'm the planning kind of person, so I was reeling from the drastic change. But despite that, it was definitely for the best. Here’s why it was a good idea. (Throughout this post I will be referring to both projects, the … Continue reading Being Flexible During Camp NaNo

The Importance of Being Challenged

It’s been nearly six years since I felt as inexperienced as a writer as I do right now. Over the past weekend I attended an all day writing workshop with local author Andre Harden. He was wonderful at delivering the wisdom and methods he has picked up since he first started writing. In the first … Continue reading The Importance of Being Challenged