Writing for Your Writer’s Soul

Yesterday I had an experience I thought worth sharing. I had my first major day of classes yesterday, but during the day I had a three hour empty stretch. Since classes hadn’t started yet, there wasn’t any homework to do while waiting for my next class so I instead opened my laptop and started writing. … Continue reading Writing for Your Writer’s Soul

What I’ve Been Neglecting as a Writer

It’s right there in the header of my website, yet I’ve let it slide from my routine. It’s not writing (though I haven’t touched my Camp NaNo project in over a week!), nor is it dreaming—I do that plenty. No. I have neglected reading. In recent years, the amount of leisure reading I do has … Continue reading What I’ve Been Neglecting as a Writer

The Importance of Being Challenged

It’s been nearly six years since I felt as inexperienced as a writer as I do right now. Over the past weekend I attended an all day writing workshop with local author Andre Harden. He was wonderful at delivering the wisdom and methods he has picked up since he first started writing. In the first … Continue reading The Importance of Being Challenged

How I’ve Grown as a Writer Since My First Novel

Roughly six years ago, I took the first big step into becoming the writer I am today. I started writing my first novel. Today, I’m reflecting on my process as a new writer and how its been shaped since that first novel. I loved the first book I ever wrote. In fact, it is my … Continue reading How I’ve Grown as a Writer Since My First Novel

The Pros of Verbal Storytelling

verbal storytelling

I often say that because I’m a writer I have a hard time with conversations because I don’t have a chance to go back and edit what I say in order to use the words I really mean. I find this frustrating when I’m trying to tell a story to someone and can’t think of … Continue reading The Pros of Verbal Storytelling