Why I Keep Track of my Writing Failures

I have a corkboard in my room that I call my failure board. On it I keep notes about all the contests and queries I’ve sent that were rejected. Really early in my writing journey I decided I would keep track of all the times I failed as a writer. While blindly believing I would … Continue reading Why I Keep Track of my Writing Failures


Exciting News and Call for Submissions

Today I have some really exciting news! Recently, I was approached to be a part of the editorial team for the quarterly publication FellowScript, put out by Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship. And now, I am thrilled to announce that it is official! I am the YA Editor for FellowScript! This means I have an opportunity … Continue reading Exciting News and Call for Submissions

Hello 2019! Setting Writing Goals for the New Year

A couple days ago I posted about how my 2018 went. Today I want to look ahead to 2019 and take some time to set some goals for the coming year. Something I learned years ago, which has changed the way I view resolutions, is to ensure that your goals are: 1. Not dependent on … Continue reading Hello 2019! Setting Writing Goals for the New Year

2018 Year in Review

I cannot believe it is already 2019. November and December flew by for me with final assignments and exams, and like a lot of other things in my life, I had to press pause on my blog. I’m excited to be back with this post, and I’m even more excited for the coming year. Today … Continue reading 2018 Year in Review

Forgotten Souls, Neglected Skins

Today I am sharing a piece I wrote for my Creative Non-Fiction Writing class.  Enjoy! Few are aware that I am an active member of a relatively unknown Resistance. Depending on the tasks needed, I’m a doctor, a repairwoman, an artist, a conservationist. But generally speaking, I’m a protector of a dying art. I’m a … Continue reading Forgotten Souls, Neglected Skins