2018 Year in Review

I cannot believe it is already 2019. November and December flew by for me with final assignments and exams, and like a lot of other things in my life, I had to press pause on my blog. I’m excited to be back with this post, and I’m even more excited for the coming year. Today … Continue reading 2018 Year in Review


Forgotten Souls, Neglected Skins

Today I am sharing a piece I wrote for my Creative Non-Fiction Writing class.  Enjoy! Few are aware that I am an active member of a relatively unknown Resistance. Depending on the tasks needed, I’m a doctor, a repairwoman, an artist, a conservationist. But generally speaking, I’m a protector of a dying art. I’m a … Continue reading Forgotten Souls, Neglected Skins

Why I’m Studying History instead of English

I’m a student. I’m in my second year of a BA in History. And as much as I lowkey love the idea of becoming a historian, the real reason I chose the history program is because I’m a writer.Now, I’ve had lots of people ask me why I’m not in the English program if my … Continue reading Why I’m Studying History instead of English

Author Interview with Chrissy M. Dennis

I've got a really special post to share with you this week! One of my dearest author friends has agreed to do an interview with me about her writing and about her newest book that is being released next week! So without further ado, please welcome Chrissy M. Dennis! First off, tell us a bit … Continue reading Author Interview with Chrissy M. Dennis

4 Alternative Projects to do During NaNo

It’s right in the name, National Novel Writing Month, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the energy and community set up in November to make some serious progress on your writing. Sometimes writing a novel from page one isn't the most effective or doable project to work on during NaNo. Don't let that … Continue reading 4 Alternative Projects to do During NaNo